If you’re looking to help your child learn to balance and ride or to bring a greater degree of control to their riding I offer a public schedule of courses as well as 1:1 sessions.

Launched in 2018 the public Learn to Balance and Ride (L2BR) courses have proved extremely popular and several hundred children have already learned to ride through these.  One Instructor works with up to five children, each of whom is provided with a balance bike and quality lightweight pedal bike.

The well-proven methodology focuses on helping each child develop balance first of all, before they move on to the pedal bike and a structured progression to pedalling, which can be very quick.   Although in a small group each child is treated as an individual.  They are encouraged and supported to work hard and move on as quickly as they can but are not pressured into something they’re not yet ready for.

The Developing Better Bike Control Course (DBBC) is the follow-on course for those who’ve recently learned to ride or who just need to bring a greater degree of control to their riding.  It is also useful as preparation for a Bikeability Level 1 course where children need to strengthen some of the core bike control skills, such as riding one-handed.  Again one Instructor works with up to five children who can use their own bike or can choose to hire one.

Have a look at the Public Schedule and Booking page to see the courses available and to book online. 

Most children get on fine with the small group sessions but some may need the extra attention afforded by a Private Session. Details of these and a form to register your interest are here.

Whilst my balance and ride training is predominantly focused on children the methodology I use is applicable to any age.  So, if you have an older child, including children with special educational needs or you’re an adult who’s not yet learned to ride a bike, please get in touch.  Everyone can ride a bike and it’s never too late to learn.  I have trained people in their seventies and what a great way to stay fit and healthy!

On-road training (Bikeability) for children, adults and family groups is also delivered via private sessions.  More details can be found in the Course Descriptions section.


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