In the majority of cases children attending two Learn to Balance and Ride sessions will be riding a bike unaided by the end.   But in some cases it can take a little longer, particularly with younger children, i.e. under four years old.  You can always book another session but in some cases it can be better for the child to practise on their own, away from others and the ‘pressure’ of a formal session.  To support this I hire balance bikes for a few days or even weeks, which saves you having to buy a potentially expensive balance bike, that’s actually only needed for a short period of time.

Once a child has learned to ride most parents are keen to get them a bike, assuming they don’t have one already.  But often an existing bike is too small or perhaps too heavy and it’s time to refresh and possibly upgrade to a lighter, better quality bike, which is easier and more fun to ride. 

I can supply bikes from Raleigh, with whom I’ve worked for over 16 years.  They have a great range of children’s bikes to suit most budgets and their quality and customer service is very good.  Have a look at their children’s bikes web page here,

Bikes are normally delivered within 48 hours and are assembled with care and passion, delivered to your door and fitted to your child.  And if you’ve been on one of my courses you’ll receive a discount!   I’m also very happy to buy back bikes I supply from the Raleigh Performance range when your child outgrows them, as well as bikes from  Islabikes, Frog, Squish, Wiggins, Hoy and other suppliers of quality lightweight children’s bikes.



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