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Welcome to Herts Balance and Ride’s Holiday and Week-end courses page.  Here you ’ll find details of the courses on offer and a link to the Public Schedule and Booking page.


Learn to Balance and Ride (L2BR)


Learn to Balance and Ride sessions are primarily aimed at children aged 3.75 years and upwards.  Most are in Reception, Years 1 and 2 but older children are more than welcome and often make more rapid progress.


One Instructor works with up to 5 children and each child is provided with a balance bike and quality lightweight pedal bike.  Although in a small group each child is treated as an individual.  They are encouraged and supported to work hard and move on as quickly as they can but are not pressured into something they’re not yet ready for.


The initial focus is on achieving balance and a series of exercises are used to help this develop.  For some children this can come quickly, for others it may take the whole session or even a little bit more.  When the child can glide confidently on the balance bike they then move on to the pedal bike.


Once transition to the pedal bike has been achieved we’re 80% of the way there and it’s then a small number of steps to achieve riding.

The sessions are of one hour’s duration and are fairly intensive!  If children have already developed good balancing skills, normally through prior use of a balance bike, the transition to pedalling and riding a bike can generally be achieved within an hour.   If they haven’t yet learned to balance, we strongly recommend you book two sessions, preferably separated by a few hours or better still a day, to allow time for rest!


Parents/guardians can play an important part in the process at key stages so whilst the majority of the work is undertaken by the Instructor, you can be very much involved in this important activity, if you want to.


Click on the Public Schedule and Booking link to see what’s available in your area and to book online.


Developing Better Bike Control course (DBBC)


The Developing Better Bike Control course is aimed at those who’ve just learned to ride and is designed to develop and strengthen the fundamental control skills necessary for safe riding.  It is also very useful for those who may be about to do a Bikeability course and whose bike control skills need some further work.


Skills include:


Starting using the ‘pedal-ready’ position.

Setting and re-setting the pedal to quickly achieve the ‘pedal ready’ position.

Adopting the correct riding position for comfort, control and safety – balls of feet on pedals, head up and looking forward and

   fingers over brake levers.

Making the bike go where the rider wants:

           o Able to make turns to the right and left using a combination of leaning and turning of the handlebars to achieve more

           gradual or sharper turns

Stopping under control

Looking all around including behind whilst keeping the bike going in the desired direction

Riding in close proximity with other riders and adjusting speed and distance to ensure safety

Use of gears

Riding one-handed/signalling


One Instructor works with a maximum of five children which allows enough time for each child to receive individual coaching and focus on the particular areas that are most important to them.   Children are welcome to bring their own bikes which must be of the correct size and roadworthy.  Alternatively bikes can be hired.  Helmets are available if needed.


The session lasts one hour.


Click on the Public Schedule and Booking link to see what’s available in your area and to book online.

CONTACT Herts Balance & Ride To discuss your requirements call me on T: 07941 061717 or email us at E: info@hertsbalance.uk

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